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Complaint: I initially Signed up with this company for almost a year now, I did not do any investigating on this company, I trusted them, of course, like many with student loans, we are desperate to get the help we are looking for. I signed up, paid $250 for 2 months, after that, my payments would be $49.00 for a about 18 months, amount will be deducted from my checking account. After completion of program, remaining balance will be forgiven. I recently contacted a similar company, gave my information, in turn, I mention this company, as I was speaking with the gentleman, he informed me that they Were not doing their job. My balance was still the same, all they were doing was taking my money. I decided to contact them, when I called, no answer, phone ranged twice, then a busy signal. I immediately got very suspicious and upset because all this time, I’m thinking my student loan balances were going down. I’m back where I started! The beginning!!

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