Stormy Nicole Henry – New Castle, Oklahoma Oklahoma


This homewrecking whore met my boyfriend/baby daddy at mcdonalds where the both worked. She constantly pursued him knowing he was with me and we were having problems. She was telling him everything he wanted to hear. Well he finally gave in and they started messing around behind my back even thou she was in a relationship with another guy and girl. well in march my boyfriend overdosed on Xanax and flexirill given to him by her. He almost died was in the ICU for 3 days and then sent to a rehab where she convinced him to leave. || After leaving rehab he moved in with her and her ex girlfriend where she kept him from his family, daughter and friends. This bitch even kept him from attending his granny’s funeral and she kept him high all the time!!! He finally pulled his head out of his ass and left her and now we are trying to work things out and get him clean. This bitch ruined a lot of lives and played abig hand in almost killing him. I feel sorry for her and her son god help them because she is a disgrace!!!! oh and she is related to my cousin’s baby who I am god mother too so she will always be in my life!!!!!!!!!!!

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By Ronald

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