Stoney Acres Nursery Benton Pennsylvania Review


In July of this year I had sand delivered to my home from a local nursery “Stoney Acres””. A few days after the delivery my eldest brother passed away. I was driving through town and thought I better stop and pay for the sand so I did not forget. I did not have my bill with me which I told them in the nursery and they said they would just mark it paid…. BIG MISTAKE on my part…I trusted these crooks and was not as vigilante as I should of been because of my brothers passing.Two months pass and I get a nasty phone call from the owners “”MOMMY”” that runs the nursery saying if I do not pay I am being taken to the magistate. I told her I did pay but now I must pay again because I do no have a receit. I trusted this business not to screw me and they did and what really makes me angry is I discussed my brothers passing with the person that took my payment that day. I do not want my name to be dragged through the mud here as we live in a small community and I too run a business. So I payed these crooks twice…Be careful when dealing with this business becasuse I have heard from others in the town that this business is in financial trouble.Makes me wonder if I was their only victim.”

Rt 487 Benton, Pennsylvania United States of America


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By Ronald

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