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Marc Mahowald of Stone on Demand talks a big story but doesn’t deliver. I have never experience this amount and stress and anxt with a supplier. Marc is quick to respond and attempt to put you at ease however, he doesn’t come through on his promises. I purchased stone from him and asked for samples for 3 months after the deposit. I e-mailed him weekly and his response was “I’ll have some next week””

“”I’ll get it to you on Friday””

“”will have it today”” and the excuses and stories are endless. His decipt is endless – trying to convince me that he had the only inside connection to a specific stone. He was to also provide labor in addition to the stone and used a subcontractor of his. Then he tried to convince me to pay them directly so he wasn’t responsible for their out of state revenue. After asking him to register with my county as a contractor he asked me to “”pretend like his crew was family members”” so he could get out of the fees. His crew arrived before the stone arrived at the new home and the first shipment didn’t include corners. He tried to convince me he had told me that there would be no corners but all our e-mails

phone calls and estimates included “”corners””. In the end he only delivered partial stone and when I asked him to send his crew home the production of stone stopped as well. Now I am sitting on 4 partial pallets of stone that I cannot use. I will stand to lose a large amount of money. I would warn anyone considering doing business with Marc to not be deceived by his “”talk””. He only talks and doesn’t deliver.”

10851 69th St N Stillwater, Minnesota USA

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By Ronald

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