Stone, Higgs & Drexler Gallatin Tennessee


Complaint: Stone, Higgs and Dexler, consumer beware, they will lie to you and tell you if you settle out of court they will not slap a lein on your home. We have made our payment on time to them on time, they represent American Express, were late one month with AMEX and they turned us over to these ripoff conartists. After getting a summons to court, we called and worked out a plan and were LIED to. After I called and talked to them after they DID slap a lein on our home I was told they would never say they would not do this. They also told me they are not attorneys even though they advertise they are.

Tags: Lawyers

Address: 200 Jefferson Ave, Ste 1000 Memphis, Tennessee United States of America


Phone: 901-528-1111

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By Ronald

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