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Complaint: I placed an order for $465.00 with Stockton Wheel on 3/17/05 and paid with a credit card. A made a couple of calls to inquire about the order, both times I was told that my order had shipped, but they couldn’t provide a time frame or shipping number. On my third call I was told that my item wasn’t available and I wouldn’t be getting it. I told them to refund my money (credit my card). To make matters worse, they told me that I needed some specific parts to go with this item, so I ordered them ($260) right after my initial order with Stockton Wheel. All of these parts are application specific. I have called twice more since my first request for a refund. First time I was told it was “on the list of things to do”” and would be taken care of the next day. The next day I called to confirm and was told that it had been sent to accounting. Here it is another week gone by and still no refund. So here I am without the $465 I paid them

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Address: without the parts I ordered and sitting on some parts I can’t use. All they would offer me was a “”sorry””…that’s it!! I suppose I will be forced to dispute the payment with my credit card company which takes a while. Seems there should be some protection against bad-business companies like Stockton Wheel. Take my advice – buy your products elsewhere. You’ll be happy you did. Mike Ehrenberg

Website: 800-395-9433

Phone: ArizonaU.S.A.”

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