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DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY – UNETHICAL, UNPROFESSIONAL | I bought 2 pairs of glasses from Henry Azrikan, owner of Stillwell Optical. HE SOLD ME 2 DEFECTIVE PAIRS OF GLASSES. The first one with an anti-reflective filter, and thin lens, the frame was crooked on my face (a defective frame) – The other one, with anti-reflective and transition lenses, and thin lens, was coming up with a slight blurry vision. | He charged me $400 for both pairs -$200+200 he says that was a bargain price. But just to let you know, I had bottom of the line frames. So they were not the most expensive pair. (But it does not include scratch insurance like most eye glass stores have today). | I had left a deposit of $200 towards the order. The kind of headache he gave me when trying to get some help in resolving these issues was terrible. He’s a nice guy and smiles as long as all is going well. Once there is a problem, he does not want to know you, is mean, oppressive, angry, irrational and unresponsive. | The first thing I asked him was how much is (a third pair-unrelated), if I buy it with my insurance and apply an anti-glare filter and thin lenses. He said $100. Now he had already charged me $200 for the exact same pair. I had asked him before, would I save a lot of money if I it with partial payment from my insurance, and he said no, you are better off using that insurance for an extra pair. But now I find out he was lying, double talking or conning me to maximize his profits. | Then I asked him, why can’t he apply the insurance to the pair he already made and that will lower my cost? You are still getting paid? He said very angrily: “A DEAL IS A DEAL. I AM NOT GOING TO CHANGE THE DEAL” – and refused to give any other explanation like a fast talking, double talking abusive con artist would, and ran off into the back room. He was non responsive – no answers – and angry enforcement. Do not do business with this place – no integrity. | In addition, how can both pairs using the same price frame, same anti-glare filer, and same thin polycarbonite lenses be $200 each, when the 2nd pair has an added transition lens? (Changes to dark in the sun). He’s giving every body that walks in there different prices like a used car salesman does when you buy a car. And if you don’t know any better, you will pay the full msrp here and get screwed. | Well the 1st pair was still defective (frame). I was told by his secretary Esta, that I would have to pay her the rest of the money ( I had put down ½ the money originally- $200 for both pairs costing $400) before they will fix the 1st pair with the crooked lens. I told her no way. You fix it first. Her response was angrily, repeated insistence that I pay for defective glasses in full and we will fix it later! Are you nuts I said! Fix it first. | Then I said If you don’t want to fix it, just take back (the 1st pair with the crooked lens) and I will keep the 2nd pair. (I did not know yet, that the second pair was also defective). And she blew up and said, “we can send back your 1st pair (cost $200) but you still have to pay us $200. You only paid for ½ the whole order.” (I had paid them $200 down toward $400, but if I am not taking one pair, the $200 they have should cover at least full price for one pair). | She said, You cannot leave with the other pair. They are not fully paid for. And I said, I paid you enough for one complete pair. And she angrily stated, “THAT’S NOT HOW IT WORKS.” ????? double talk !!!!! “Well how does it work,” I asked. And no answer was forthcoming – another attempted con job. | On the 2nd pair. I told him I also did not want it, it’s giving me blurry vision. He says, “we already cut the lens, we cannot give it back.” And in an angry tone says: “If you don’t take these glasses, we will never make another pair of glasses for you again.” I have been buying glasses from him for 25 years and I’ve never complained about a pair. Can you imagine the arrogance of such a person, especially when he is in the wrong and trying to dump defective products on me. Do not do business with him. | Anyway back to the defective glasses. Esta said, “don’t worry, the Dr. Will fix it.” (never corrected it). So Henry (the owner), comes out and makes an adjustment. It looked slightly better, but when I got home, I could see that not only is the frame actually crooked, but the left and right lenses are two different sizes – I measured them. | So I take the glasses back and point this out. (he knows this), and he sends them out to the glass place to get the lens re-cut. I said, that may solve the problem of the mismatching lenses but the frame is still warped. It’s going to be a waste of time. You need to replace the whole product or give me a refund. Don’t worry his glass clerk Esta says, it will be better when it comes back. And I’ll call you when we get it. | Months later, still no call. I had to get my credit card company to take the money back based on fraud. I go back in there and he directs me to a bin that has similar glasses and says choose one and I’ll put your lense in. Well low and behold, the 1st pair of defective glass frame was still in there and still defective. Instead of throwing it out or replacing it with a workable pair, he just threw it back in there and hopes that no one will notice and some idiot will buy it. | After all this run around, lies, double talk and con artistry, I decided to ask them for a refund. They flat out said no. Then I contacted my credit card company and asked them to electronically take the money back because it’s fraud and misreprestation. They began the process. He contested the request from the credit card company to credit my account for 4 months, with lies, double talk and balony stories. Finally after 4 months, they finally took my money back. They were tired of his lies and wild stories. | Do not buy glasses here – you’ll be sorry. There are dozens of national chains or hundreds of better independent eyeglass stores you can choose from. Stay away from this crook!


  • Name: Stillwell Optical
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: Brooklyn
  • Address: 1523 Mermaid Ave
  • Phone: 1 718-372-2611
  • Website:

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