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I answered a broadcast fax from Steven Yonko of ARG Roofing aka Affordable Roofing Group regarding discounted roof repair. We had some serious leaks in a 50 yearold roof, so I asked him to give me an estimate to repair the leaks and mansard roof. After he spent a couple of hours inspecting the roof, talking non-stop of how great of job he was going to do and his lengthy work experience, he offered to install a new vinyl roof passing on the cost savings of overstock material he had access to. In addition, because he was in between jobs he would do extra work such as removing all gravel to deck, modify pitch, repair the mansard roof, replace shingles and gutters at no extra cost. The job didn’t go well from the start, he bought only a small amount of material to get started with 1/3 up front, didn’t remove gravel to deck or fix rotted deck sections as per contract. My bank was called by a check cashing company he used to cash a joint check. the balance of materials would only be delivered if I paid directly for them. Already I am invested way over the contract and the work has hardly begun. Now this Steven Yonko guy lead me to believe this job was going to be up to 7 days construction to complete. When I asked for his workers comp cover sheet he said he didn’t have it but would provide me with it later that day. He never produced it. Steven Yonko is the ultimate Chuck-in-a-truck, he borrowed gas and a broom from a neighbor business and hand tools, extension cords from my employees and business. He litterly did not have the basics tools to do even basic constuction work. His key workers were specialized hired guns. None of the additional work promised could be done by them. They removed all the roof vents and covered the holes. I instructed them to keep the vents but they removed them any way because it was faster to lay the vinyl. They finished that the second day but all the other work and the materials, thousands of dollars worth, remain unfinished or purchased. What little work Steven Yonko personally did, he used to wrong materials and fastners and it literally blew off my roof and into my parking lot the next day! He also cut key supports in one section of the mansard roof that is now dangerously close to falling off the building. I’m sorry I ever contacted this guy. I took a chance with this guy and lost big time. In addition, he trys to collect on the full contract even though he never completes the work! So I have a screwed up roof with no warranty and thousands of dollars in additional repairs. Stay away from this guy!

3401 E. Prien Lake Rd., Lake Charles, LA 70615 Lake Charles, Louisiana USA


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