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I went to work for this company 08/05/2009, hired by Nate Zeitler. I needed a job from home so as to take care of my sick wife. I was told to purchase a USB headset anywhere I wished but would cost me $30-$60 Their pitch is for the World Travelers , or the World Travelers Club. My 4 weeks that I actually got paid for was about $400 per week. I also was receiving praise for how good I was at my job by manager Monique Davis!! Then my 2nd pay check WalMart refused, then Advance America refused then ACE actually cashed!! I e-mailed Steve Taylor and was told everthing OK!! check cashing places always were unreliable. The following week after Labor Day we were told to log off and take the day off due to “power problems””?? Then on Wednesday told to log off “”having trouble with phone provider””?? Saturday 09/18/2009 just 6 weeks after starting

just 2 weeks after being told everything OK!!

I received an e-mail from Steve Taylor they were out of business

assets frozen!!! They owe me for 3 weeks of work!!!! $1200.00 They stole from me!! Do not work for any of these people they will rip you off.”

2643 Gulf to Bay Blvd Suite 1560-461 Clearwater, Florida United States of America

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