Steve Greer, Harvis Barklay Quebec City Quebec


Complaint: A home build that ended up a disaster for us. There is also another family in a similar situation that is suing this builder. Greer’s/Harvis’ work was incomplete and utterly negligent. Tarion Home Warranty has agreed and has ruled against him following a year-long investigation. They will now go after him for the damages we are being awarded. Best of luck to them as he has had many court judgements against him and he has paid a fraction of what he has owed. A number of large court ordered fines and judgements are in full default. A number of court ordered writs for asset seizures have been issued for Steve Greer and Joanna Greer, the builders of record. Following termination of this ‘builder’ extensive and costly remediation was required to bring the home to bulding code standard and complete work that was promised and paid for. Joanna and Steve Greer are the registered builders with Tarion Warranty Corporation.

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Address: 1515 Knareswood Drive Mississauga, Ontario, Canada United States



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