Sterling J. Nusbaum – This dude is fuking up my life. Men


Well, my girlfriend is at fault too, but apparently I am as well as she felt neglected. Oh yes, I confronted her about it last night, thinking I could keep the conversation calm, which it was, with a lot crying from both sides. We had spent time at her parent’s house trying to get her iPhone 4 backed up to iTunes, but that failed and she lost everything and was upset as she had pics and texts from now deceased relatives. Anywho. we did this cause she said she wanted to get a new phone so I was just hanging out for support, etc with my laptop just in case, but anyway. this last Monday, 12/3/2018 she comes home after work and has a new iPhone XR and a fancy case for it. says she needs to activate it, even used my phone to call and do this. So, I start seeing text notifications from Sterling while she is in the shower, I can’t unlock it, but I see the receipt and it’s his name, sets me off down a rabbit hole. I have to know now. So I did, guess her FB and POF password, yes the pof that “she doesn’t ever use, but doesn’t know how to delete” and has had since we’ve been together. She’s sent out to several people that she lost her contacts and one message is sent to wvsterling, 49, of Charleston, WV. my stomach drops at the amount of messages to and from all these people in the time we have been together. since 2011. So I get on FB and her cousin Rebecca Craven who lives with a camper with one of her cuck fukboys she then married when she left her husband, they had this conversation about how she got a new phone and my girl is like “Oh, Sterling got it for me, oops, didn’t I tell you about him?” and the conversation goes on that she met him last July 2017 before going to the beach with her sister, that she thought it would just be a hookup, but they see each other 3-4 times a month and her cousin tells her about her husband how he’s very well qualified in bed, and my girl goes “oh well so is Sterling” (I wanted to die) when it was verified there. And then, they talk about how they 4 should have dinner and my girl goes, “would it weird to then have dinner with Jimmie? (me) and her cousin is like nope, I understand your situation. So yeah and then there are all the other messages to and fro other men over our years, Hell, a gas company and a water guy that I’ve had to let in the house several times, she would flash one guy who she makes her call “daddy” from her bedroom window in the morning, even commented on how he saw me walking the dog.” Anywho. This Sterling guy has convinced her that she needs to keep seeing him, and she told me that she is, but I need to allow it in order to try and fix things as she needs time to get out of her head, And expects me to be nicer and sweeter than he is, which I am trying to do, with my new depression, my stomach ulcer coming back, I can hardly hear and hear my heartbeat in my ear for whatever reason and haven’t slept for 3 days. All I can think about is the images of them fuking, etc. and she says it’s stupid that I care so much about the sex. But am I wrong in believing sex and emotion are one and when you are with someone and trying to fix things that each person should be wholly devoted to just each other? But yeah, and I know losing my job doesn’t help, but I do EVERYTHING around the house, help her with EVERYTHING in or out of the house, I cut lights of, use less water, etc. because I know I am trying to use less resources, which is less bills for her since I haven’t been hired yet anywhere. I am broken, lost, and don’t know who or what I am and I want to fix this, but also I have to because literally I have nowhere else to go. She also told me he actively see several other married or taken women and they all know about each other and are okay that he doesn’t want commitment, but he is so kind and nice. He’s a custodian at the postal service.

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By Ronald

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