Sterling Inn Sterling Heights Michigan Review


I stayed at this hotel because it was supposed to have a water park in it and my daughter and her friend wanted to stay there and have fun. Well let me first say it is a nasty place to sleep. The floors are stained, the chairs that are in the room had food on them and were also stained. This “waterpark”” was not what I expected. They had a lzy river where you were supposed to float around and enjoy yourself

yea right…..there were way too many kids whos parents unleashed them and let them do what ever they want. Very rude


and uncontrollable. nThen the pool had a whirlpool which you could get sucked down if your not careful. In there there were times when it was way to full and a life gaurd had to jump in and get a couple of kids out because they were going down. Where were the parents…..well probably sitting around drinking

which they serve there at the pool side. nNo breakfast served

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By Ronald

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