Stephanie Schulz – Beaver Town, Wisconsin Wisconsin


She always tries to make herself look like the good girl, but always cheats on every single person she dates, was living with me for over a year, then found out from a angry person she was fucking the whole time we dated she was sleeping with at least 2 other people when she was with me, person who told me found out she was fucking his best friend so he had enough and told me, told me I should get check for any stds, she told him that he was the only one should let fuck her without any condoms and would let him cum inside her but he found out his friend and she was telling him the same and told me the same, she’s a sex addict, porn addict also, check out her laptop when she fell asleep before logging off, should always be facing me with the laptop so I can never see you what was going on, never suspected anything but apparently she was constantly looking up ex-boyfriends on Facebook and watching porn good riddance.

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By Ronald

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