Stephanie Lynn Klasek – Downs, Kansas Kansas


My boyfriend and I moved to Downs Kansas to make a fresh start from the pressures of past relationships and family matters. We moved into a beautiful house where we redecorating and improving on so it could be a comfortable home for retirement. We had been in a relationship for 6 years plus. We were becoming familiar with the people of the town and making, what I hoped was, a favorable impression and friendships. Life was good and we were doing famously. Then, on fateful day, this home wrecker’s son introduced himself to my boyfriend and became an occasional hunting companion. My boyfriend was introduced to his mother STEPHANIE LYNN KLASEK who has a reputation for being a self serving, greedy bitch who will use any man for her own gain. Her family includes a son who is serving time for a shootout with the police and whom she claims was”set up” by the state police after escaping custody and firing at police in a standoff. Her other two sons have had violent relationships with the women. || Stephanie was born July 27, 1971. She lives with her mother and stepfather here in Downs. She has a extensive criminal record and is a known drug history. She has had four marriages in which she bled dry them before she dropped them She has lived with known drug dealers in a nearby town. I have been stopped by people and others who know her history and had warned me about her history of bleeding men dry and using them. She has been repeatly arrested in multiple counties here in Kansas for a variety of charges including check fraud, drugs and destruction of private property. Her criminal record can be found online for public scrutiny. Along with her mug shots. || And now she has set her greedy beady eyes on my boyfriend and already has plans to have me ejected from my home and relationship so she can slide her old ass self into my world. She calls first thing every morning just”to talk” and several times during the day. She acts all sympathetic and caring and concerned about him and acts all sweet and interested. I || This fat ugly cow would like to believe that she can bulldoze her way into anything with her fat mouth and bullying ways. She looks like a worn out old hag who has been rode hard and put up wet. She is a sad pathetic old fool who obviously can’t take care of herself and will destroy anything or anybody so she can get what she wants. || So, that is my sad tale. If anything, take this as a warning about this horrible woman who will destroy lives for her own selfish gains and help a woman, any woman, avoid this heartless bitch and give her the reckoning she so deserves.

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By Ronald

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