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A woman my husband of 22 years dated in high school found him on Facebook in 2011 and contacted him. They chatted occasionally, and when he mentioned he was going to be in her area (San Diego) for a convention in June of 2012, she insisted on”hooking up” and taking him out for dinner. They began an affair that lasted a year, until I discovered it in July 2013 by hacking into his email, and subsequently, his Facebook account. It took place mostly through Facebook, phone calls & countless text messages, skype sessions, and 4 separate week long getaway trips he took either with her, or to her home in San Diego. They had plans to eventually marry, although he claims he was mostly lying and telling her what she wanted to hear when they made these plans. || He ended the affair the same day I discovered it, although they did remain in intermittent contact for several months afterward. He tells me that she was extremely jealous and very manipulative, keeping him in a state of emotional turmoil and confusion that didn’t start to lift until I discovered the affair, and he began to think more clearly. He also informed me that this was not her first affair with a married man, which is why I decided to expose her here. || This episode has caused me and my children unspeakable pain and humiliation. I am doing my best to work through this with my husband through therapy and better communication, but I do feel that she needs to be held to the same level of responsibility as him. She deceived and manipulated him, asked incessant questions about me, and seized on every opportunity that came her way to infer that I was a bad or evil person, unworthy of his love or respect. She took money and expensive gifts from him, enjoyed nice vacations in quality hotels, all paid for by him from our marital funds, and needled him constantly about how I was spending our money. She told him constantly that God wanted them to be together, and their reconnecting after so many years was what was”meant to be”. Ignoring the fact that she had tracked him down and targeted him, totally dismissing in the process that he was married and had two children. || To his credit, he ended it immediately when he realized the extent of the devastation he had caused, other than some text messages commiserating with her for the pain he had caused her, he has not looked back. She makes frequent references to him and the affair on her Facebook page, and tries to contact him from time to time, but we block and ignore her. We have moved on.

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