Stephanie Goodman – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina South Carolina


Stephanie Goodman at the age of 26 had been married 2 times already so you can see where this is going! She and my husband started talking/texting Sept.7 2012 she knew that he was married but used the fact that he was a dj to claim that she was talking to him to do music for her and a clogging team that she clogged for! after about a month of this going on is when i found out about it and called her to confront her and of course she denied it all! but my husband did not…..I told him to him to leave and go move in with her skanky ass and her husband but did not want her and wanted us to work things out! needles to say her husband divorced her ass and while she was talking to my husband she was also talking to another guy as well which she moved from hickory to myrtle beach to live with him only 1 month of talking to that guy! WOW she is such a pitiful excuse of a female!

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By Ronald

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