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So this was March of 2014 when Stephanie started working with my now ex husband. He and I recently seperated because of other issues and she knew this. All I wanted from him was to figure out what he wanted. She flirted and sent pictures to him on his phone. When I questioned him he denied the whole thing for hours. She didn’t have his number he didn’t have hers denial. I walked into where they worked and told her to back up off my husband. I didn’t think that was good enough so I made him go in and bring her out. I questioned both of them and she admitted she had his number, I beat the hell out him and walked away screaming at him he lost his family over some whore. I tried for months to get him to walk away from her. I’m not sure why he couldn’t just walk away from her when I asked him too. This went on for months, in August after waiting for him to her out of the picture and she wasn’t I filed for a divorce. In September one day before our 11th anniversary we went to court. She brought him there, of all people he had her bring him to court. They started officially seeing each other and living together shortly after that. He had my kids at her place for months before my daughter all the age of 6 broke down one day and said she felt bad for not telling me the truth he was living with Stephanie. I broke for my kids they were being made to lie to me. I confronted him and he didn’t deny it. I couldn’t believe he would make the kids lie to me. In the end of October he made me question my safety I know he said it in anger but still made me question so I got a restraining order. || The two nights before court to continue the restraining order we were talking and it was like the same person again I fell in love with. So in court I dropped the restraining order. I went and saw him at the new store he was at and talked to him about a few things and it just came over me to kiss him. For weeks he was coming over and helping out spending time with me and the kids and it was like we were a family again. He was here all hours of the night and popping in at 1 or two on the morning after telling her there were issues with the kids and he’d take her car. We were sleeping together the whole month of November he kept saying he was moving out and back into his uncles house. At this time she moved out of the apartment and moved upstairs with her family to give him space after he asked for space to think. She messaged me on fb asking what was going on because he was upset because I wasn’t talking to him. She was a complete two faced bitch, she said she would walk away for good if I thought him and I could work it out. I knew in the back of my head this was a game she was playing. It took 5 weeks, I got sick of waiting. I went on with my life knowing it was never going to happen. This was almost the middle of December. He finally moved out around Christmas time, not for long though he went back and lied to me about it. I got sick of it after months I wanted answers why my husband? Why push on something that was already fragile? Why couldn’t she back off after I repeatedly asked her too. She couldn’t give me answers all I got was I don’t know, how don’t you know? He’s married why a married man? The only thing I got out of her was I felt a connection, a connection with a married man with three kids are you serious? He and her weren’t together after that from why they told me he was using her car through her brother because her brother was working on is. Completely bs, he was back living with her which I found out the beginning of June of this year after I got a text saying I was right.(I’d questioned that were together and got told no, all along he was telling me he wanted to come back home he wasn’t with whore). She had gone through his Facebook and found messages of what I’ve said and him calling her a whore and other things that set her off. She beat the crap out of him in front of my son. He got defensive of his dad and shoved her away and she slammed on my son, hitting him in the shoulder. I stormed out of my house and went to hers looking for her, she wasn’t there. Lucky for her. I just recently found out that they have been seeing each again and I told him her or the kids. He’s had my kids around her and failed to tell me. As of today he says they aren’t together but I’ve been told that line before. We will see if his kids are more important. So ladies watch out for your men. She doesn’t care if they are involved or not.

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