Stephan Schurmann CEO of Powerconcrete Kicked out of the US and now runnings Scams in Canada Asheville North Carolina


Complaint: For Immediate Press Release:Franchise Fraud & Extortion Techniques of Stephan Schurmann CEO of Powerconcrete kicked out of the US and now running cons in Canada Stephan Schurmann has spent two years in the United States after running his Powerconcrete scam but thanks to his X-Employer Mark Taylor who exposed his International Con Ring. Now Stephan Schurmann is on the run from Authorities and Creditors in the US, Germany, Spain, and the Philippine. He is running out of countries! Schumann activities include Fraud of his “FRANCHISE”” of the Powerconcrete Building System and his Character Assassination Techniques AFTER he has been able to rip you off for your hard earned money! (August 30

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Address: 2012) —– According to a recent study by the US Department of Justice

Website: Ex-Master Franchisee of Plaswall USA is on the run and his Nigerian Associate. Powerconcrete is a non-patented and non-trademarked third world building system and Stephan Schurmann

Phone: fraud has increased more than 30 percent over the past 24 months

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