Steph Sanchez New York Cheaters


Let me start by saying that my husband is a musician in the local scene here in NY and gets hit on by desperate women constantly. After a very successful show, which the homewrecker was in attendance, she decided to friend request all the members of the band. That’s pretty normal groupie stuff. What made her different was she decided to seek my husband out at another bands show weeks later. They became friendly and I thought nothing of it. My naive husband told me about this cool chick he met and thinks she and I could be fast friends. I said cool have her come meet us at a show. Well obviously Steph didn’t want to be my friend as she said yes to the invitation yet made a lame excuse to bail out at the last minute. I gave her another chance as my husband was pressing me to meet her so I invited her to one of our BBQ’s. Same thing happened. || Obviously now I knew something was wrong and I told my husband as much but being the naive guy he is, he refused to believe some girl he was just friends with wanted to be more. Eventually she came to a show that I was in attendance and all she said was hi I’ve heard so much about you. || After that I flipped on my husband and told him I knew she wanted him. Again he didn’t believe me but promised to talk to her about it. And what do you know… She admitted to having a thing for him. By now it was mid May and I was monitoring his Facebook to see what was really going on and lo and behold she was sending him half naked pictures and engaging in very explicit conversation with him. || The last straw came at the end of June. My husband had said he was going out with a male friend for drinks. Little did I know that he came home and then snuck back out to pick this skank up from a bar because her ride”left” her. I found the proof I needed and confronted him when I woke up at 6am with terrible pains like a knot in my stomach. At first he denied it all but after some screaming he admitted to it all. I kicked him out and went to work. A few hours later he showed up with flowers crying. I told him to leave and that we needed space. He decided to get out of the city or a few days to clear his head and decide if he wanted to try to work out issues with me or just let our marriage go so he can be with her. The funny part of all this is that she never wanted to be with him at all. Not only did she refuse to be in any kind of relationship with him, I found out she never even had sex with him! They kissed and she always made excuses and promises but never went all the way. Let’s just say my husband felt 50 shades of stupid at that point. || So yes after all of this I am still with my husband and since this happened, he has been a completely different man. Helping out with our daughter and pets, cleaning the house, and just generally telling me how much he appreciates me constantly. But the reason I’m posting this story is that Steph is a serial homewrecker. She only goes for men who are taken so she doesn’t have to be the girl who gets hurt in the situation. She always has the upper hand, well until now I guess. I have heard through people that know her that she has been making her rounds at bars all over Queens and Manhattan. Ladies if you see this female on your mans Facebook or Instagram make him delete her. And don’t let him engage her at all in a bar or club. Just remember I tried to warn you!

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By Ronald

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