Stefani Ballard Atwater, California California


My husband started becoming really distant with me and telling me that he wasn’t in love with me anymore out of the blue. I couldn’t figure out where we had gone wrong or the real reason he was saying these things…. Until I looked at the phone bill. He was talking to a girl named STEFANI BALLARD whom he worked with at all hours of the night for long periods of time. When I confronted him he said they were just friends and he talks to her about what is going on in his life. Anyways our marriage started getting worse when the conversations with her became longer and more frequent. Everyone told me they were having an affair but I wanted to know for myself. So I met with her. She denied having an affair and explained they were just friends. So I was fine. Until the next night when my husband decided to take HER out for drinks. He obviously thought that since I met with her and was ok that he could do as he damn well pleased with her. || That night while he was out with her our house was broken into. Where I was home alone with our TWO small daughters ages 3 and 1! I was calling his phone relentlessly terrified out of my mind when I received a response…. From stefani saying”he is mine now not yours so quit blowing up his phone!” And that was it…. My husband then began sleeping at her house while telling everyone we were legally delegates (which we aren’t) and that he was sleeping in his truck (which he isn’t) || This girl takes pride in ruining my marriage of 7 years! I think it is disgusting and ridiculous. I am the third wife whose husband she found pride in stealing so I am sure this won’t last and she will be on to the next married man. But in the meantime my life, my marriage and my children’s lives are ruined and people need to know what a whore she is! She works at the hospital in Merced with my husband so if your husband works there, beware!!!!

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