[Chip Gorden] Jacksonville Florida


Complaint: I had used steebar in the past with no problems. I found that I needed more supplies so went back to steebar to reorder more product. I placed a $3104.30 order with them on November16,2011. It took about six weeks to get the first installment with the last that I recieved about the first week in January 2012. Steebar has shipped me exactly $774.13 worth of product and still owes 206 assored pen & pencil kits, 529 pen barrel blanks, & 40 assorted pen clips. I was forced into early retirement In June of 2011 due to health conditions so I was in the process of trying to start a small business to supplement my s/s. Well this incident will set me back about a year or so. So beware anyone who may read this stay far, far way from steebar& Mr. Chip Gorden!!!

Tags: Sales People

Address: PO Box 607 Peapack, New Jersey United States of America


Phone: 908-204-0095

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