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I was very naive in my awakening. Luckily I had much intuition for already be doing spiritual work and everytime I logged in on I felt nervous, unwelcomed, and when I posted: wrong, judged, criticized or even DEBUNKED. Yes, hard to believe ‘spiritual’ people would judge or even debunk you. When you come from other planet you are naturally open minded like no one on Earth because we know physics, belief limitations and more are not real so hard to believe they’d be skeptical. | So it was a great learning, now I know why I felt that way, I’m very sensitive and realize how infected by evil this world truly is. It’s on churches, all religions, all big ‘non-profit’ organizations, schools (how exactly bullying can still happen if there are adults there?? How many ‘lessons’ on things that are worthless in life but no moral guidance and spiritual classes?), government, and very disappointingly but surely in the spiritual fake movement. | I’ve had visions, tips, all very nice things I brought to encourage fellow starseeds and was mostly met with criticism and skeptcism. | People can’t complain there how much you miss home, they come and lecture you that you chose it, deal with it. It’s absolutely no different from dealing with people with no compassion. My lie detector started to suspect most there saying they are starseeds are not, or some starseeds also come here for karma not missions and others are downright NOT starseeds but evil agents there to disrupt. I don’t believe in corruption happening overtime, I not once been corrupted and moved away from my path, if it took a wrong turn it means it was there all along. I’ve found other starseed type of websites has been shut down, those might have been genuine. I took a long time to give up because I was absolutely disheartened how starseeds could be cruel. | It made me feel even more alone in this society that I’ve never fit in to begin with. You can’t defend others, can’t talk about people’s rights, truths, animal rights, can’t talk about real changes and practical solutions. I also made a reptilian friend there and tried to get over this fact as everyone can evolve. But overtime putting the nice things said in our frienship this person was making me feel bad, it was incredible subtle as I never saw before because my relationships were usually set up to sabotage me (see love bite theory by Eve Logren) but it made me question and doubt myself very much. After figuring out I also cut ties with this ‘friend’. | It’s a place where you can’t really call home (if you ever get lost home is inside, trust your soul, don’t believe in higher selves and separate yourself from your true soul but embrace all, this belief and that you need to search for guides or archon-angel-guides is there to weaken you). | I’ve sent nice and warm messages to Yshatara but she never replied or anything, she is too important to bother with us. | That’s also how I find good people, I write to them, if they don’t think they are too important to talk to me because they own a site or published a book or something it’s a great good sign. You could do that before finding a healer or psychic, see if they bother if you don’t pay them. And absolutely don’t trust in expensive mediums and healers. The ones sent here want to help won’t put such obstacles to help people as much as they won’t be motivated by money. They also have compassion for all creatures, that’s your sign. | Now I can also read people, Yshatara picture never felt good to me and if you notice she always dress in black. I don’t think she is what she say she is, I think the site is infected by evil. | It’s a cult because people talk a certain way, act a certain way. Everywhere I’m the rebel, we are all unique and should act differently, when I finally realized that my opening ups are not met with support, understanding and compassion (which if it’s truly a spiritual place people WILL act that way, if not get out, it’s a forum or site in work for evil to dishearten starseeds and all the warriors who came to Earth) I saw right through them. I complained and heartlessly was banned without explanation, without second chances. I’ve seen people attacking nastily and they were never banned, I had a real issue and was truthful but polite, she and her minions didn’t want to hear it. Some people attacked me and that’s why I complained, I checked just once but will never go back again. ALL of those nasty attackers are still there, even the attacks were never erased so they know I was saying the truth. I believe they are banning those brave enough to spread true light or stand up. | I think they are dangerous as some people posted in here, and you did a great service for sharing. I hope I’m one more voice to stop naive young teens from going there. | In spiritual growth stop relying on others, I went there for confirmation and now I’m glad they kicked me out because I now totally rely on my inner true, I don’t need someone outside, a forum, a spiritual ‘leader’ to tell me if I’m right, we just know things and what we don’t know it will come in time. Many there offer paid services only, are not compassionate or supportive, are not non-judgmental, feed on animals, and that should have been a red sign. That site changed me so much because it was the last try I would give to find support outside myself. I think it came as a way to distract me once more because I’ve been cutting out of mylife everything that makes me weaker. I’m truly empowered now. I don’t go to any forum anymore and started to publish the truths I’ve always known, I’ll never look for confirmation anymore, we fall prey of evil if we rely on outside forces. It was I who in my weakness and insecurity thought would have answers, support and I would finally find like minded people, my family. I was so wrong. The good thing is that after heartbreak we have a chance to reborn into a more powerful and wise being. If we go inside we are never alone and the Creator or however you want to call is ALWAYS with us. | I’ve gave much content and helped countless people freely, they all went away just like non-starseed people in my offline life and didn’t feel starseedy to me at all because where I come from we lived in grattitude. And I remember other star systems’s civilizations who were also grateful, compassionate and evolved people. I can only come to the conclusion many saying they are starseeds are not. Or maybe the negative aliens who exploited living beings reincarnate here to rehabilitate, they’d be called starseeds too and surely would miss home and have otherworldly memories. Coming from another world doesn’t mean one is good. | If in a spiritual on or offline place you don’t feel accepted without judgment and are supported, get out. If there is hierarchy get out. If you need to follow rules but when it’s your turn you receive no | compassion and support, get out. If you were treated unjustly and no action was taken get out. If you speak truths with good intentions and you are met with rudeness, skepticism and even violence, | get out, spiritual people were supposed to ‘feel’ you’re genuine. | You want spiritual company that is already working on themselves, judgmental people are like that because they are projecting their s…on others, they point and say you are something because THEY ARE. If you feel there’s something wrong there probably is. If the head or ‘leader’ of some place just ignore you then get out, don’t make excuses. When people care and are compassionate THEY FIND TIME FOR YOU. I always found time for strangers, volunteer work with the elderly, homeless people and animals, it’s not a burden, it’s what makes me truly happy. All of us with a mission who came here to save Earth are driven by inner riches, making any creature better makes us as happy and accomplished as nothing else can. Those who are not driven by service to others are here for learning, balancing their karma and don’t come from higher densities and worlds. | All things that exist was infiltrated, we’ll find true amazing souls here and there but go inside. We are weakened in our search for the exterior practices and ‘experts’, that’s because this world was built on authority when hierarchy is completely wrong. Even ‘light’ beings here are lordes, masters, white brotherhoods and federations of light so truly a false light. Evolved Beings helping us are humble and let us live without giving us all the answers. | Go inside, if you are a true starseed be humble, sure, but know you are an expert yourself. There is no arrogance in recognizing and embrancing our gifts. Step upon your power and become who you truly are. Who you came here to be. Don’t look for jobs that exist if you can INVENT a new one, we are here to break the cruel system and as they can’t use us sometimes they influence those around us so don’t rely on the exterior, the inner wisdom and interior practices is what will make you whole. Harm no being and you’ll be in your full power very soon. | Some moments we might feel weak. Find starseeds vlogging, blogging or with websites and WRITE them, if they reply you’d have a clue they might be an evolved compassionate soul and they might share some light on your problem but let’s train on going inside always. The true light will be found easier in unpopular websites, books, videos and people. Truth is not easily found because evil are doing all they can to hide or destroy it. We’ve seen this, they killed truth bringers, they are discredited, ridiculed, isolated or put in prisons. |


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  • Country: United States
  • State: Maryland
  • City: New Carrollton
  • Address: 5402 85th avenue Apt 202
  • Phone: 301-580-2483
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