Starla Jean Bommarito Missouri Missouri


My husband has a lawn business and put a post online looking for yards to mow. Starla replied saying she needed work done so my husband and son went over to do the work. A few weeks down the road I noticed they were messaging back and forth and I was told oh its just about work she wants done on her yard. I noticed one night his phone was blinking and I looked and there was a message asking if she woke him up. Oh course I deleted it and continued to check his phone off and on. We constantly argued about her and I decided to message her. She knew we were married and had kids so I told her that I wanted to know if they were sleeping together because I have kids and did not want to put them through this. She messaged my husband and had the nerve to say she was pissed that I brought my kids into the situation. Um hello bitch, you brought them into it by screwing around with my husband. || Needless to say me and my husband got into a huge fight (oh and she thought she was something messing with my husband was too big of a pussy to even message me back), and decided we were going to just end our marriage. He had nowhere to go so We stayed in the same house over the next few weeks and decided to try and make our marriage work. He deleted her from everything and we have moved away from there and are working on getting back to where we were. || Be careful ladies because she claims to be a christian woman but apparently has no problem messing with married men.

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By Ronald

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