Star Industries Nahman Alberta Review


I recieved a scratch and win ticket in the mail a few weeks ago, I didn’t think much of it and left it in my truck. My girlfriend found it and scratched it. Sure enough, it was a winner! Quite a rare ticket according to the back of it. I was guarenteed a prize and all. She called the number on the ticket and was treated like she won the lottery! I got back in the vehicle to find out that a “representative”” was coming to drop off our prize in an hour. The only catch was we had to give our opinion on a new product. I was sceptical but the call was already made and the meeting arranged. The doorbell rang and I opened the door to find a lady with 2 large boxes waiting. I asked her what I had won and she was more concerned about getting inside and setting up a demonstration. She told me after her “”15 min presentation”” we would get our prize. The presentation started with a video of a news broadcast about airborn pollutants and allergies. She then pulled out an air quality measuring device and showed us just how dangerous out envrionment was… I remained sceptical the entire time as this “”15 min demonstration”” was now an hour long and looking more and more like a sales pitch. After the air purifier as done we then moved onto the vaccuum. She had a few pictures describing why all vaccuums are terrible and dangerous and even went as far as saying there is a regulation that says it is not safe to be in your house half an hour after vaccuuming! ya…right. Finally

out comes the vaccuum! A tristar MG2. This is a very nice vaccuum and I was quite impressed by the demonstration. She had a transparent cover which she used along with coffee filters to show just how much dirt we were missing. Well

it was quite alot but of course other vaccums would pick it up as well. By this point in the presentation your supposed to feel like your living in a ses-pool and this vaccuum is the only way to fix it. The sales lady asked us a few questions about what we spend on stuff like carpet shampooing and air fresheners and calculated some number well into the thousands of “”wasted money””. Now

about 2 hours into this “”15 min demo”” she showed us the price. I actually laughed when I saw it. $2

600.00! So of course she compared this with our wasted money and played it off like were actually saving money. She then showed us payment plans because I straight up told her that 2600$ is not a price for a vaccuum. I pulled out my calculator and she got a little nervous. The first plan had 67% interest and the second had 73% interest! She then pulled out her phone and called her boss like she really cared and wanted to get us a good deal. After negotiating with this guy for a bit he knocked the price down and threw in some travel voucher which

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