Staples (Staples inc.) Huntingdon Valley Pennsylvania Review


I purchased a Compaq Presario notebook computer from Staples at their Willow Grove , At the time of purchase,Bill,”the person in charge of computer sales”” as per the person at the customer service counter

informed me that to comply with Staples’ policies he needed to take my new computer into their back room so he could take some information off it and make sure it was working properly. He also said customers were not permitted in that back room. He took my new computer

which was in a sealed box in and did not emerge for about 10 to 15 minutes at which time he came out with my computer in an unsealed box. Bill then again reviewed the virtues of my purchasing an extended warranty which I again declined. Since that day

no one has used any tools on this comuter until I recently decided to upgrade the memory from its original 2GB to 4GB. There are several removable covers on the underside of this unit that are held in place by tiny flathead machine screws. One of the screw heads (not the memory access cover) was damaged

ie. the recess that accepts a removal/attachment tool was “”mushroomed”” such that it is very difficult to remove that screw which would make it very difficult to remove that cover in the event it needed to be removed. When I opened the memory module(s) cover to access the memory I discovered that at least one of the four memory module holdown clips had been bent. These damage issues are consistant with someone hurridly or carelessly or both going inside my computer. The only time that would have been possible was in that 10 to 15 minutes Staples’ Bill took my computer into their “”off limits to customers back room”” I have been to the store in Willow Grove

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