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In late Septmber, I signed a contract with Stanley Blanc that was totally refundable to purchase a performance bond for 1.7 million dollars. I told him to get a process going for performance bond, Stanley then stated the upfront fee would $20,000.00, then $20,000.00 after I received and SBLC, then another $20,000.00 after the first payment was made to me. I talked him down to $3500.00, Stanley stated he could get the process going 2 days later he said he needed the other $16,500.00. I argued with him for hours and finally I said I would send his estate a cashiers check. After sending the cashiers check I found out his company was a 501C3 or charitable foundation, but he was using it for personnel use. After he sent me a fake offset bond and told me it could not be swifted, Stanley stated that was never the deal, I told him a bank in London had to receive it via swift. To this day I don’t understand how he could issue a 1.7 million dollar performance bond when his companies net yearly worth is $47,000.00. Stanley keeps making these dinky small payments most likely from people who he has ripped off since my time with him. HE IS A CROOK!!!!!! I have since contacted the authorities, police, CIA, and FBI. To let everyone know he has an arrest record for this before which you will see in the picture page. If you need more proof or would like to see the evidence contact me at (((REDACTED)))



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