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Ronnie Moas was paid $80,000USD to write a report about $UNY, for internal use only for the company. Ronnie released the report quietly to 10 investors who then pumped the price. | Ronnie then after released it to his 3,000 paying subscribers and continued daily/weekly coverage on the name for over 1 year. He claimed to be an insider, and shared thousands of phone calls, emails, texts with the company and shared that information with his subscibers. | After the price of $DIG, formerly $UNY crashed, Ronnie was under pressure from subscribers and up against renewal time. He pressured the comany (Arbitrade, owner of $DIG) to release news to pump the price. This did not happen, and Ronnie flipped. | Ronnie Moas released a FAKE GOLD AUDIT that he did not vet, and the price of $DIG dropped 50% immediately after his release. He said he did not have time to verify. | Almost all of his subscribers were HEAVILY INVESTED in $DIG under his direction, and he abandonded they and hung them out to dry. He lied about being paid by the company, and lied about releasing the $DIG report to a select group of investors first. | Ronnie moas is a scammer, and not to be trusted. Do not subscribe to his service.


  • Name: Standpoint Research
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Miami Beach
  • Address: 1504 Bay Road # 2210
  • Phone: 786.768.2317
  • Website:

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