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One month after celebrating our 10 year anniversary I find out that my husband has had an 8 month long affair with this girl, and I use that term very loosely, pun intended. So let me start from the beginning he started working with this girl four years ago. About a year after they knew each other I find text messages where she would use terms like”boo” &” babe.” I confronted my husband about it telling him these were inappropriate words to be using towards a married man. She was being too flirtatious and he needed to cut his ties. He said I had nothing to worry about and he was in no way attracted to her. He said she was an ugly fat girl and I had nothing to worry about. Apparently the”friendship” continued. From my understanding they didn’t see each other a lot and it truly was a”friendship.” But around October of 2014 my husband left for training for a new job where he began a sexting relationship with this girl. Now keep in mind this entire time she has known about his family and his 3 children. And yet she continued to be flirtatious and to pursue my husband. So after the sexting begin while he was in training, when he came back from training a physical relationship began almost immediately. || The physical relationship blossomed into an emotional relationship. Where she began to feed off of my husband who was being drained by his new job. Now is my husband innocent? Absolutely not. But my husband was working many hours at his new job and suffers from bipolar disorder. During this time he had become manic and was hiding it from me. She fed off of this. She allowed him to basically use her physically and she used his wallet. She guilted him into buying her things and food. Once I found out about the affair after their little getaway to Dallas he called it off and broke up with her. He and I decided to work things out. We left on a vacation to spend time together. But as soon as we got back she began blowing up his phone again. Slowly but surely she called him back into her bed. She talked him into buying her more gifts feeding on his manic that he never got treatment for and so here we are 3 months after me finding out the first time. I found out again that she is continuing to pursue my husband and destroying my family. She continued the calls the second time, again my husband is also to blame for being a selfish and weak ******. But they are both guilty. After I found out the second time I’ve removed my husband from my bed and my room until he takes the initiative to get help for himself, physically and mentally. She on the other hand after I blocked her phone number continue to try to get ahold of him through her friends phone numbers, she tried to bash me and has threaten me on Facebook. Yes I called her out as a homewrecker and a whore. But if the shoe fits I feel she should put it on and wear it. Since then she has continued, two weeks later, to try and contact my husband, post immature things on Facebook, this girl has even gone to the extremes of mimicking me for reasons unknown. If you look in the pictures posted above you can see that her hair is shoulder length. Her hair was not like that prior to recent events. She literally cut it like that the day after I cut my hair the exact same way. Also after I found out she got a new vehicle almost identical to mine. There are also other simularities including her moving closer to our home. For now I am trying to put my family back together including my children my only hopes are that this child-woman moves on finally. But from the few things I know about her she will not. So if she does claim to be a friend of your spouses please block, delete, runaway cuz she is crazy. Not only does she want your man but apparently she wants your identity as well.

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By Ronald

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