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My now ex-husband had a 2 year affair with this nasty slut!! Before and while I was pregnant with our youngest child. She worked with him at Dupont in Front Royal Virginia. I was getting ready for work one night when one of their co-workers stopped by our home and informed me that neither of them had been at work that week and he wanted to make sure everything was ok. I was shocked because it was his best friend and co-worker who was standing there telling me that my husband and Stacey had been leaving work early and meeting at a hotel right beside my work for the past 2 years. I thanked him got the information and finished getting ready to go to work. Later that night I pulled up my phone records and verified that she certainly had been having a relationship with my then husband. I continued my shift and came home to a note that said my children were with my then mother in law and he had went hunting. So I started calling her phone. After about 30+ phone calls the bitch finally answered the phone and said she had no clue who my husband was or why I was calling her. I told her that their friend had come to my home the night prior with every detail of their affair and that I had already called the motel and verified that they had been there over 40 times in the last 6 months. She hung up on me and immediately called my ex to inform him that I knew about them. || Before I could get to the next town where he was hunting I passed him on the road. When we finally got back to our home and he confessed to everything I was mortified! I went off threw everything of his out of our home and set it on fire!! About two months later I had a breakdown and lost custody of our children to him. I have been putting my life back together and fighting for custody of our children. I heard the other day that she has found a new job in Winchester Virginia.. I just don’t want anyone else to go through the pain that this nasty common homewrecker has done to me and my family!!

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