St Lucie County Clerks of Court Review


8/18/15 I was summoned to Jury Duty. Back in 2010 I was arrested and convicted and placed on Probation. I was indigent so all court costs were placed on Civil Lien. I completed probation 3 years ago. No word, me tion, letters or contact from the courts about my open balance ever. I never moved same address etc the entire time. No contact with any law enforcement what so ever since 2010. I get summoned to Jury Duty on 8/18/15 I speak about not having a ride my husband works, I speak of other things, I’m dismissed. On 9/14/15 I recieve a VERY unprofessional green post card stating I owe 1223.00 with in 15 days or my License is Suspended. Thats it no offical documentation no nothing. I thought it was a scam. I look on the internet and low and be hold my “first” notice was sent ironically the SAME day I was in Jury Duty under oath having my rights violated. I never even recieved that first notice because it was NEVER mailed out. I feel entrapped and extorted. 5 years later no word you give me 15 days to pay this off or enter a payment plan, no one can show me offical lien paper work. No one can tell me if my rights were violated at jury duty. Even the Clerk called around. They held everything against me without my knowledge at jury duty. I had jo idea I had a fine and after 5 years no offical paperwork or reason? I’m still not sure its not a computer error? I feel ripped off a d extorted. If I owe I owe, but where’s the Paper work, where’s my due process. How do you know I can pay if you didn’t violate my rights during jury duty. Where was a lawyer to protect our rights during selection? Something does not sit well


  • Name: St Lucie County Clerks of Court
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Saint Lucie County
  • Address:
  • Phone:
  • Website:

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