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I recently worked for this so called “marketing company”. I was told in the interview that they represented the top clients in the country and at first i was excited that sse airticity was what i was selling as the interview said they were the cheapest in the country. But after the training i realised they wherent. when i asked the other sales people what they thought of the product i was told ‘its shite but the more you sell more money you make and customers are stupid. they wont catch on until you have got your commision. At first i thought, dead on easy money. then i was in customers houses havin a laugh with them, at one stage i was in a customers house with dean (so called manager of it all) the customer was sound AF they were talking to me about football and knew people I knew. i was dead excited thinking im getting my first sale. when i got there rate on there meter i seen it was higher than sse airtricty. dean gave me a look then said.. we can put you on a lower rate. i knew it was s*** but wanted my first sale. since then, its got back to people i know that ii signed up a ‘mate’ and im dodgy! i knew this was bullshit but dean took control. When i spoke with him about this he said just sign up as many people as you can and the the call centre will sort it out’ i left right away, cowboys the lot of them, im changing to budget. jokers. Best part.. trying to get paid, no chance. STAY WELL CLEAR, RIP OFF NOT WHAT LOACL PEOPLE NEED WHEN YOU WANNA WORK HARD TO SUPPORT YOUR FAMILY!!!!


  • Name: SSE Airtricity
  • Country: Ireland
  • State:
  • City: Leopardstown, Dublin
  • Address: Red Oak South, South County Business Park, 18
  • Phone: 1850 20 50 50
  • Website:

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