Srcapital Review: a Devastating Forex Broker


SrCapital, also known as Star Capital, claims it utilizes technology to become the leading platform in the market. They are allegedly dealing with forex and crypto trading. Additionally, the venture avails a dedicated account manager to assist clients.

However, the main question is whether this is a reputable investment scheme. While we were examining their website, we discovered multiple red flags that make this venture a fraud. Therefore, we suggest that you approach them with caution.

SrCapital Review, SrCapital Company

SrCapital uses a web-based trading platform, yet they have the guts to call it powerful. It does not stand a chance with the features of the MetaTrader software. Hence, it’s best to settle with the best firms in the industry that have competitive advantages.

Nonetheless, the suspicious entity claims it executes trades in a fast manner. The technology that the firm uses remains a mystery. They do not have performance results that can justify the narrative of them being the best.

The broker expects traders to believe in their empty words. There is no professionalism when it comes to this venture. They exploit you leaving you high and dry.  Invest with top forex trading companies that have multiple trading currencies at your disposal. Review

SrCapital team has hundreds of years of experience in both the technology and financial sectors. Unfortunately, there is no evidence to back them up. The individuals remain anonymous. It is hard to believe them the account managers are not credited. Investment relies on statistics.

Investors with inadequate knowledge might see StarCapital as the best broker in the market. However, our years of experience in trading have equipped us with the ability to spot scammers a mile away. Hence, trust us when we tell you this is a waste of time entity.

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Thousands of traders end up losing a lot of money to fraudsters. Avoid being this broker’s next victim. The platform does not have a functional trading interface. Moreover, it is clear that there is no trading taking place.

You will be risking your safety and security with an infamous broker. The people behind this fraud only want to get their hands at your hard-earned money. You will not make passive income with this company. Walk away while you still can.

Be mindful of following what people say or clicking on misleading adverts. They will lead you to Ponzi schemes. The con artists are luring and convincing. Please wait until you receive a phone call from their sales rep. The possibility of giving them all your saving are high. Avoid investing with anonymous good-for-nothing brokers.

Withdrawal and Deposits

StarCapital accepts money via Wire Transfers, Visa, Sepa, and Maestro. Sadly, we cannot guarantee that these payments are indeed what the broker is using. Sometimes investors often find strange methods that won’t permit them to issue a chargeback.

Additionally, the company does not care to disclose any deposit requirements. Hence, we cannot know the least amount of money that one can deposit. You need to have a knack for the patient once you join the entity.

SrCapital,io Review, Features

Withdrawal requests are processed within 10 days. The available cash-out methods include; wire transfers, debit, and credit cards. The traders can withdraw a minimum amount of $100 for credit/debit cards and $250 for the wire transfers.

The requirements are cumbersome as legit companies allow traders to withdrawal even less than $10. Moreover, we are uncertain about the dormant account policy. The duration takes for an account to be considered dormant and the applicable charges.

The reason that SrCapital is operating in a shady manner is because its a Ponzi scheme. They don’t intend on refunding your money. You are only going to suffer if you believe in their fantasy. Their terms and conditions mention applicable charges but aren’t disclosed.

Customer Support of StarCapital

The broker brags that it has an award-winning customer support team. They assure traders their community is trustworthy and genuine. The company has picked the best veterans in the market. The support operates 24/6.

SrCapital does not mind leaving any contact details that can be used to reach them. We suspect that the information shall only be availed once you register. We cannot attest that you are going to get professional treatment from the venture.

The platform will exploit and refuse to pick up your calls. To avoid all the drama, looks for a trustworthy platform and grows your portfolio. Star Capital’s geographical location is also unknown.

Clients Reviews

There are multiple charming customer reviews on Trustpilot. Do not be quick to trust these anonymous individuals. The majority of them fail to link their social media accounts. They also do not have a profile while raises more queries.

How absurd can someone not a user claim that SrCapital is the best broker yet they have never heard of the company before? The alleged traders also praise the entity for availing winning strategy to them.

According to the available information, the broker also has multiple crypto coins at the disposal of investors. The entity is new in the market with less than a year of engagement, yet multiple people state it is the best.

It is nowhere near the top 10 digital currencies trading companies. They are mainly targeting novice traders. Everyone is talking about the customer support team, yet there are many loopholes. Their affiliates are working tirelessly, referring as many people as they can.

Stay away from this anonymous platform to avoid facing the consequences. We did not encounter a single negative review. This platform cannot be everyone’s cup of tea. It does not serve them any good. Furthermore, they have paid people to endorse them.

If this is not the case, we challenge the individuals to present their trading results. Once we verify that they are indeed earning from the shady firm, we will pull down this post. Until then, we suggest you avoid this platform.

Regulation and Registration of SrCapital

The broker has a registration form from the Commonwealth of Dominica. We do not consider documents when it comes to determining the legitimacy of a company. A genuine platform should have a regulatory certificate from the government.

Several financial watchdogs oversee the operation of investment companies. They have set up strict rules to protect their citizens against fraudsters. In the case of SrCapital, it is an outlaw that is not secure. We suggest that you trade with FCA, NFA, CySEC, or ASIC brokers.

These platforms offer the best leverage that protects traders against severe risks. Furthermore, clients also stand a chance of receiving compensation in case of the firm faces bankruptcy. You shall have a profound trading experience.

Final Verdict

New investors joining the SrCapital platform are automatically rejected. The company claims it does not accept random traders. We do not know the criteria that they are using to win new customers. Nonetheless, we highly suspect that you cannot use their services unless their existing clients invite you.

There is insufficient information on their website. We kept getting errors in our quest to expose this bogus venture. Moreover, we do not know the currency pairs of this platform. It proves that this is the company is to no good.

Try out the genuine forex trading companies in the industry that are transparent. You shall get all the necessary information from their website. The leverage and spread value is available for all to see. There is also performance report that assists traders to make sober decision. Sign up today!

Does SrCapital have a license?

Unfortunately, the broker is operating illegally.

What is the location of SrCapital?

The company is operating anonymously. Their real location remains unknown.

Does SrCapital offer fund safety?

No. The company displays several red flags. Your information and money are at high risk.

Does SrCapital offer the best customer support services?

No. The company being a scam will only respond when it is convenient for them.

Are investors making money with SrCapital company?

No. There is no proof of payment from any of their customers.

Are the positive reviews online reliable?

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