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Complaint: Springfield Drugs & Supplies runs a scam claiming to be a legitimate company supplying lots of prescription medications and legal & not so legal chemicals worldwide. They were one of the few companies that claimed to have a location in the US. Most of these companies ship from the Ukraine, China, or India. I guess I felt a lot more comfortable dealing with someone in the US because I thought there would less issues involved with shipping & delivery (i.e. no customs, less time in getting to me, & less cost in shipping fees) and I would be more likely to receive what I ordered without it being confiscated along the way. After establishing contact via email, I was contacted the next day by a person who called himself “Denis””. He laid out what the prices were for various quantities in powder form & brand name vials

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Address: and gave instructions on how to proceed. I’ll copy & paste the emails here so anyone looking at this will be able to compare if they see very similar correspondence: “”Hello

Website: Ketaset

Phone: Thanks for your mail once more and interest in our products.Well we are base in Richmond VA USA from where we will be shipping to you these products at a very moderate cost. Well we offer our products with the best market price as follows; KETAMINE CRYSTALS (This is the Minimum Quantity we ship) 50 grams———$330 100 grams——–$510 200 grams——–$950 500 grams——–$1600 1 Kilogram——-$2100 2 Kilograms——$3700 5 Kilograms——$9100 KETAMINE INJECTIONS Ketamax

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