Sportsmans Bail Bonds Review


Sportsmans agreed to let my son put up his car to cover the $2000.00 bail on his girlfriend and a property bond from me for reassurance that she would show up for court. If he didn’t pay the money they would get his car Then for me to put up the property bond to reassure them that she would show up for court.[ Twice I ask him, Are you sure that im not responsibile for anything | else but to make sure she goes to court. He said yes because we have the car for the bail. My son was in between several different jobs so he told | sportsmans they could come and get his car but they told him they decided they didnt want the car and put a lien on my house and started tacking on the interest. I live on social security and it was hard to get ahold of that kind of money and my son didnt have any to help. I borrowed a loan and had to pay them $3100.00 before they would release my home (There interest rates) | There should be a law against a company telling us the car was enough then decide they wanted my house, Those Kingstons (owners of sportsmans)they got to many wifes and not enough houses to put them in. so they steal them from there customers. Rip offs


  • Name: Sportsmans Bail Bonds
  • Country: United States
  • State: Utah
  • City: South Salt Lake
  • Address: 3363 South 700
  • Phone: 801-903-2254
  • Website:

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