I ordered a pair of shoes thru and called my credit card company when I couldn’t get a response out of several emails I sent regarding the status of my order. They reversed the charges and are disputing the charges with the bank that received my money on‘s behalf. My credit card company also told me that under the charge is a company named "Mind Honey Clothing" with a phone number thats mail box is conveniently full. Funny though….it’s not a business or professional phone number, and texting to that number of course led me absolutely nowhere! I even called the Blakeley, GA Chamber of Commerce to verify this company. The lady I spoke to told me the address on the site doesn’t even exist!I found another site, several in fact, that all had the very same in common….no actual customer service contact number, emails to support that never receive a reply even days after sending, and all "look" to be legitimate sites. They even have the secure padlock icon on the left of the URL, they all have "secure" checkout options for payment, like PayPal etc., and each and every one ARE FRAUDULANT. I even contacted the one site that did actually have a phone number. The vm said "If you’re calling for ……com, it’s a fraud. My phone number is not affiliated with this company in any way"

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By Ronald

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