Spirit Airlines Hernando Florida Review


Spirir Airline has low budget fares, no question about that but if you ever have a problem it must be addressed via a limited question and answer grid with NO DEVIATION. I foolishly applied for a Spirit credit card and cannot integrate the 15,00 miles into my existing account. The listed number ONLY deals in reservations. I was also advised to cancel my paid 9 dollar club membership to receive the free credit card one and now have nothing. There is no recourse and if you press reservations all they give you is a mailing address. nMy wife and I have a very cheap fare in October MCO to DTW and the arrival departure dates have changed three times with wild swings in departure arrival times. nThere’s an old saying you get what you pay for.The people on the phone are from overseas with a minimum of english skills and the whole operation is frustrating. One flight we had to sit on the taxiway while they waited for an automated flight plan to be remotely filed. Their weight and balance is remotely done. If they skimp on one area it makes me uneasy about all areas. nThe “equipment”” is fairly new but I am honestly afraid they’ll be on the news one of these days By the way their hub

Ft Lauderdale airport Spirit terminal is one of the cheesiest airports I seen in 40 years of flying with surly airport personnel to match the spirit people.Southwest offers many bargains and never forgets the people who buy the fares. nGenenHernando


Mirimar, Florida U.S.A.

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