Spirit Airlines Cicero Illinois Review


Spirit Airlines wouldn’t allow my niece to board her flight because she was 8 minutes too late for their arbitrary deadline — almost a full hour before the plane left. . . yet they boarded two groups that arrived AFTER her, who didn’t even have boarding passes. The gate agent told her she wasn’t checked in, even though I had done it on line twenty-four hours previously, and she had a boarding pass and seat assignment to prove it. The gate agent that denied my niece entry to the plane personally escorted one of these groups onto the plane. They very “generously”” offered to put her on stand by for another flight — 24 hours later! This was

by the way

an unaccompanied minor. The gate agent then told her she had to leave the area or he would call security because she was crying

and it was irritating him. The customer service agent


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