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yo te nia una reservacion de las vegas a houston y canbie la feche me cobraron por a ser el cambio y me dijieron que me iban a dar un credito para otro vuelo en en futuro yo regrese a houston el domingo 23 de nov y pues mi orijinal era el lunes 24 pero me cobraron recargos y me mintieron disiendome que me iban adar un credito y que iban a canselar el vuelo de las vegas a houston y simpre llegan tarde numca estan a tiempo para los vuelos I nia a reservation of las vegas to houston and the save the date canbie be charged for change and they told me I was going to give a credit for another flight in the future I return to houston on Sunday November 23 and since my orijinal Monday was 24 but was charged surcharges and lied disiendome me that I would Adar a loan and they would canselar las vegas flight to houston and simpre Never arrive late are a time for flights

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