Spinz Penz waddell Arizona Review


One day, my friend John bought a pen. It spun on his fingers so “cool”” I asked him where he got it. He told me online. I researched where you get “”spinz penz”” and i found this website. (>) www.spinzpenz.com/ The next day he told me they don’t make them anymore because it’s addicting spinning the pen on your fingers

which makes your fingers swell. He told me that it’s a perfectly balanced pen

so it’s easier to spin on your fingers than a ordinary pen. then i told him “”let me try.”” He gave me the pen. I spun it on my fingers. Then i gave the spinzpenz back to him

picked up a normal pen and spun it through my fingers. Unfortunatly

the normal pen flew and smacked the student in front of us. The spinzpenz spun through my fingers Perfectly. It was addicting

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By Ronald

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