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I placed my order with this company on 10/11/2006. I purchased a simple purse that they had in stock. My payment confirmation email stated that I was going to receive the item in 1-2 weeks. nHowever when two and a half weeks went by I sent an email asking where my order was. That email went unanswered. Then on November 1,2006 (three and a half weeks after order was placed), I sent another email to them stating that so far i was very dissatisfied with their company. I also stated that they had already received payment for my item via credit card on 10/11 and that in the automated email they sent that my order should have been here already considering I only order one In-Stock Item. I told them that if I didn’t receive the package by the beginning of next week or at least get a reply email that i was going to report them to the Bad Business Bureau. I have still yet to receive an email back or my package. nBrandynYuma, ArizonaU.S.A.

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