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SPICYLINGERIE.com I stumbled upon spicy lingerie through a search engine as I was looking to buy some exotic wear, browsed through the site and was very pleased not only with the professional appearance of the website but also with the extensive selection they offer. I placed my order for several items on July 26th and immediately received a confirmation email thereafter. So far so good.. I gave it a couple days to receive an ‘order has been shipped email’ but that never came so I started to worry. I began searching the site through BBB and other sources in addition to here, had I of seen all the comments on this site in relation to them I definately wold have thought twice before purchasing. So I decide to contact them still optimistic that perhaps these were all bitter shoppers and that contrarily to their experiences my order would arrive in a timely fashion. I was mistaken.. I attempted to contact them simply for order status via email, live-chat, and phone, none of which were successful. First off, they never answered any of my emails, secondly; the ‘live-chat’ link doesn’t have anyone on the other end, and lastly; the phone number provided on the site is disconnected. So I gave it a couple more days. On July 30th I sent them a messaging telling them to cancel my order immediately or have shipped by that monday in it’s entirety or I would be taking legal action. Lo and behold my card was refunded the total amount the very next day, but I have yet to receive any actual response whatsoever from them. Hopefully my card will not be charged again so we can avoid having to take this further. Whether or not the product would have ever arrived I can’t say, but after all I’ve seen posted from other customers I couldn’t take that chance. I purchase from multiple sites on a frequent basis and can’t say I’ve ever had to take the time to write a report before. Don’t take your chances with them-

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