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Complaint: on december 3rd southwest plumbing sent out a teck to fix my furnace i stated that i thought the motor was bad so the tech installed a capacitor about a 30 dollar part.he checked everything and said its ok he spent about an hour and cleaned it up a bit after he left the motor bill that day was 672.33 cents they would not tell me how much the parts were they just said i was being charged a flat rate parts and time were not listed when i spoke with there office i was tolled to work it out with the tech.they sent out a tech the next day less than 24 hrs later they said that they needed to replace the motor i asked how much and the tech said he would give me a reduced rate of 565.00dolars so i stated that i payed 672.00 the day befor and that as far as i was concerned i payed for the motor and install….the thing i found interesting was no one would give me a price on parts just a flat that time i told the tech to get out of my house.on the 3rd day i called another company and he gave me a price over the phone i was happy with that and they came out and got me up and running…..after that i read some complaints about southwest plumbing and could nit believe what i was reading.after all that i was to upset to deal with them anymore i feel i was ripped off big time even if i get no money back i think people should know what there getting into they need to change the way they do business.OUTRAGEOUS i hope this helps future customers

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Address: 2401 sw alaska st seattle, Washington USA


Phone: 206 932 1777

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