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What a scam! Southwest now offers in-flight Wi-Fi service for a fee. Why they charge for something Starbuck’s gives away for free is beyond me, but I paid the fee anyway because I needed to get some work done. The service could only be used at certain times, and when you could use it you couldn’t use it. You see, when you try to connect through their wi-fi the connection is one bar, and lasts for less than a minute before it prompts you to connect again. The entire flight was a frustrating mess of reconnecting and reconnecting.The flight attendants are no help. The guy looked at me like I was talking in Flemmish when I tried to explain the problem, and others around me were trying to get his attention because they too could not use the service. When I asked about a refund, the attendant said I’d have to speak to someone on teh ground. And they just referred me to the company who referred me back to the airline (after five or six emails went unreturned I may add). Basically the old run-around, probably hoping I will lose interest in recovering my five dollars. Well, I’m a principled guy who believes you should deliver what you advertise, no matter how much, and it’s not nice to scam people. And that’s all I feel…scammed.

Los Angeles, California United States of America

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By Ronald

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