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Complaint: I signed a contract with a non-refundable deposit based on what we were told by the sales man, Chris Mccormick. He said if we contracted with the best wood and a bigger log the R value of his Southland Log Home would be far superior to a stick framed home. The R value on a stick framed home is R-23 and we were told ours would be between R-45 and R-50 because we chose a southern white pine and alog size of 8×12. We were also told that the builders they recomend would charge around $25.00 per square foot to build the shell. After we signed the contract and initaled on each page that our deposit is none refundable, we received the blue prints from Southlands architects and the R value was captioned as R-11.3 less than half of that of a stick framed home and the builder they recommended came in at a charge of $56.00 per sqare foot, more than double of what I was told. When I cancelled the contract I was told you signed a contract you can not cancel and they will not refund my deposit. I would love to be the plaintiff in a class action law suit against these people. They are a very disappointing and dishonest company.

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By Ronald

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