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Took my 1993 volvo in for smoking. I had just put all new injectors in it. The mechanics at SD said the O rings probably didn’t get put in right. They quoted me $ 1,000.00 to fix them. Promised me it would be ready the next day. They kept saying it was a different problem. When they got done after 2 weeks they said I owed them $ 7,500.00. I paid them and when I went to get the truck it wasn’t ready and was still smoking. I said to hold off and I needed to think on it. They said it needed piston, and liners. Owner said she would call me. Never did. I called every week and same old answer. Owner would call me. Finally after 5 months Sherrie the owner said it would cost another $13,000.00 to overhaul it. I said no. A few weeks later she sent me a notice saying I abandoned the truck and I owed them $7,900.00 for storage and repairs. I asked them to send me invoices showing what repairs were done. They never did. 2 months later they sent an auction letter said they were going to sell it and now I owed then $ 11,900.00. I hired an attorney and sent them a demand letter asking for invoices and storage charges. They never replied. I wen’t to Dallas county courthouse and checked records. Southern Diesel didn’t file a lien. I also found out they were TAX LEINS on the place in excess of $ 20,000.00. I’m turning everything over to the Dallas County Sheriffs Dept. Suing them won’t do any good because it’s obvious they don’t have any money. Hopefully the Sheriffs dept will nail them for fraud. Please pass the word !

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By Ronald

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