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Complaint: Tuesday the 25th I was confronted by my employer with a laundry list of problems by a recently promoted supervisor whom seemed interested in eliminating a threat to his easy-going employment situation. I like to work and I like to work hard, and I like hours (as many as can be tossed at me). I was instructed to take the rest of the week off, while he decides what to do with me. On the 30th I was texted by the employer and informed that I would be let go. I was forced to take the week off on the flimsy laundry list of things which included embellishments by the weed smoking supervisor (who was supervisor for 2 days at that point) who brags about taking bong hits in the morning before he shows up for his shift. 1st day he showed up hung over, 2nd day he was late for the arranged pickup location. This supervisor, did not mention any of the problems he had compiled until the end of the day. I feel utterly bullied into the unemployment line. Today I went to pick up my ROE and it was filled out dismissed, and “last day worked”” as the 28th. That was not accurate

Tags: Work Place Bullies

Address: so I texted him to change the ROE to reflect the truth. He sent back a single one word text answer back “”no””. If it is his position to not correct an easily provable error that he knows is easily provable

Website: 473 Joffre St S Victoria, British Columbia Canada

Phone: perhaps to evade consequences for other things that workers have a right to

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