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I found this local company on the Internet and attempted to get treatment for HRT. After sending them all my medical history I was told by one sales guy rep that everything was approved for X amount of money. I then get a call from a second sales rep stating it’s going to be $100 more then the previous quote was mistaken because the first rep was new PLUS a $25 shipping fee. nAfter disputing the inflated charge with the second rep he said it was approved by the doctors on a Friday and charged my credit card for the product and an overnight $25 shipping fee for something that weights 3 oz. and is local to me. I called on Tuesday after not receiving the product and I get no calls back. I send emails to the owner and the reps. No reply. nOn Wednesday at the end of day I finally get through to the 2nd rep that tried to rip me off and he said he just got my file back and it was denied that I needed more test and it’s going to cost X amount more. I then got upset because they have charged my card apparently before being approved and they lied stating it was already approved and even with how much medication to take per week. This rep was rude and wouldn’t let me finish a sentence. I then told him to refund my card and I would like to speak to the owner. This rep said he didn’t like my attitude and for me to meet him after work behind a strip club and we could finish the conversation and he would be happy to give me the owners phone number at that time. I said no and he said he would then go to my home and get my address from my medical paper work. nAfter 4 days and not seeing a credit on my card I called and the 2nd rep sent me to their secretary saying they will send a check in the mail and it will be 3-4 business weeks before I get the check! I asked her to fax me a copy or statement saying they are going to send a check and she said ok but I have yet to get a fax or see a credit or check. I canceled my bank card. I’m out $355. They wanted to charge me $2000 for a 6 month supply on a class III medication but I said lets try one month first. Thank god I did! They are scamming people! I made a claim with the BBB as well. This company should be closed down and prosecuted nSouth_floridanBoca Raton, FloridaU.S.A.

1489 N. Military Trail. Ste. 111, West Palm Beach, Florida U.S.A.


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