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I purchased a brand new cruiser rv from sonnys camp n travel in feb. 2016. I camped in my trailer with my wife 4 times and after each visit to the camp ground, the following weekend i had to take it back to sonnys to get things fixed.a list of things every time i took it back. The last time i took the trailer in it was the last week of july. I took the whole family to the mountains for a week of camping. I got there to find out the fridge didnt wanna work for two days. The entire roof along the edges were coming apart. The stairs have always had a problem being loose and pulling down on the wood floor. The awning leaks and has been fixed by sonnys several times. And the list could go on and on and on. THEY HAVE HAD MY TRAILER FOR 6 MONTHS AND ITS STILL NOT FIXED AND I STILL DONT HAVE IT, but iv been paying the payments every month for nothing. Iv been trying to get sonnys to buy this cheap, junk, lemon trailer back but they wont. Cruiser rv the manufacturer doesnt even wanna deal with it. Customer service sucks at sonnys. Iv tried to talk to sonnys about righting this wrong and trading in the trailer but they didnt wanna do anything above and beyond to make things right they just wanted to sell me another trailer at full price. My main reason to make this post is for help if there is any out there but mainly warn people not buy from sonnys camp n travel and dont buy a junk cruiser rv.


  • Name: Sonnys Camp N Travel
  • Country: United States
  • State: South Carolina
  • City: Duncan
  • Address: 333 Frontage Rd Exit 63 off I-85
  • Phone: (864) 433-0889
  • Website:

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