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I am not sure this is a scam but it feels like it. I had to check off a field for type of scam (right above) but I don’t know because I haven’t called him back.Carson, the man’s name (perhaps) that is initiating these calls, makes it sound like he is calling from a law firm. He uses my first name, like he knows me. He also said the offices are located on Mission Street but the area code he’s using isn’t even in San Francisco, let alone on Mission Street. He never says what this is in regards to just to call him back ASAP.He has my two phone numbers, cell and landline and also called my daughter’s number! He’s left messages at all three numbers. It’s creepy.All of this happened yesterday. I have no idea who he is or how he got my numbers but he’s freaking me out.I think I will just ignore the calls unless the thinks otherwise

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