Solar Universe Westlake Village California


Complaint: Solar Universe and Mitch Katz makes their money by bundling energy saving packages into extremely high interest rates. I saved absolutely no money with Solar Universe and should have went with a completely different solar company or settled for no solar at all especially dealing with that tyrant Mitch Katz. There were so many permitting and engineering delays during the installation itu2019s amazing that Solar Universe owner Mitch Katz is as big as they are. Believe me; any company that is big named in California is better than Solar Universe and owner Mitch Katz. I could go on and on about the terrible customer service and all of the instances where I felt like banging my head into the wall do to all the problems and lack of professionalism but I will keep it real simple. Solar is a onetime purchase, a large purchase, and a commodity not a necessity. If someone has the urge to move forward with this it isn’t a small deal. Choose a company that you trust and do your research on the ones you are thinking about helping you. In this case it was simple; my electric bill was $200 a month, and now I am paying $235- this thanks to Solar Universe, Westlake Village. Thank you Solar Universe owner Mitch Katz for being so honest, courteous, and professional. What a complete joke, and in 20 years I guess I wonu2019t have an electric bill so I can save money then, RIGHT? By then Mitch Katz will be long gone and Solar Universe Westlake Village will have ran out of people to SCAM!!

Tags: Homeowner Associations

Address: 200 Townsgate Road Thousand Oaks, California USA


Phone: (515) 212-5417

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By Ronald

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